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Say ‘I Do’ in a Way that Is Totally You

A wedding gown, perhaps more than any other single item of apparel, is a personal expression of you — the epitome of who you are and what you want to tell the world on a day that is your ultimate celebration. At no other time will it be so imperative to “get it right,” to feel good about your choice and to project an image full of confidence and love. That is why brides-to-be begin a search for the gown almost the instant the “Yes, I’ll marry you!” words are spoken.

If you have a well-defined style, or if you have been thinking about “The Day” for more than just a few days, you probably have at least the beginnings of an idea about your ceremony and your gown. There are many decisions to make and location, season and personal style are just some of them. There are also the considerations of size, formality and budget.

But, none of these need deter you from your dreams. Let’s take a journey through some of the possibilities:

Simple and Classic Wedding Dresses

Defining classic is not as simple as it seems. Depending on your mindset, you might conjure up Grace Kelly, Diana or Kate, all “princesses,” but with distinctly personal gowns that perfectly captured their individual style. A “princess-style” ball gown is vastly different from a Belgian lace, high-collared, long-sleeved sheath with a full veil.

Trendy and Unique Wedding Dresses

Although a white gown is still the leading choice, you also can head in a colorful direction. Consider a feminine blush or sophisticated beige; add an accent color in a sash, overlay, or jacket; opt for avant garde with gunmetal grey or even black in tandem with white. Stunning gowns do not have to graze the floor. Are you daring enough for a mini-skirt as you walk down the aisle? Or would a simple white silk suit fit you to a “T?”

What’s the Destination?

Beach, country casual and winter resort weddings are high on popularity lists these days. If a destination wedding is your choice, be sure that your gown can withstand the travel as well as the expected weather at the site. Be sure to allow plenty of time, not only to select your dress and have it altered if necessary, but also to get it to the destination on time and get it ready for your big day once there!

A Place in Time

Some brides opt for a retro look. That can mean anything from Grecian to Victorian to 1920’s Flapper-style. If you choose to go this route, be sure to enlist your spouse-to-be in the planning and make sure that he’ll play “F. Scott” to your “Zelda.” Being true to tradition can involve a lot of planning and coordination, but if you’re determined that your wedding become a theme party, you can transport yourself and your attendants to any place in time that pleases you, perhaps even into the future!

Doing It Your Way

Even thoroughly modern brides have a sentimental side. If you are offered a mother’s or sister’s gown for your wedding, don’t feel that you are somehow being disloyal if you refuse. On the other hand, if the idea of “borrowing” or adapting an heirloom gown delights you, simply embellish or adapt it in such a way that it becomes truly yours. If you are looking for the perfect necklace, earrings or bracelets, we have a beautiful selection of fine jewelry to choose from.

Go bold, completely off-the-shoulder: or be a bit subtler – just a glimpse peeking through.

We love the femininity of a touch of shoulder peeking through delicate lace or tinted chiffon, and we especially love a bare shoulder. While off the shoulder wedding dresses make a stunning statement on their own, bare shoulders offer endless styling opportunities. Try pairing with an elbow length veil and delicate halo, a gorgeous statement necklace, or a pair of shimmering dangling earrings. For winter weddings, create a bold look with a lace topper or fur coverup.

Statement Sleeves

There are those who believe that less is more, but in the case of statement sleeves, more is so much more. We love long sleeve wedding dresses, and what’s not to love? Stunning lace sleeves are perfect for those chilly winter weddings, while embellished tulle sleeves are an airy nod to those warm summer celebrations. Bohemian brides: consider a flutter sleeve wedding dress that reads both exciting and effortless with just a touch of whimsy. Vintage-inspired brides: try a high neck gown with lace sleeves. No matter your style, there’s something to be found in a beautiful statement sleeve.

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