Farmhouse decor and decorating style reflect a slower, more relaxed pace of life in the country. Farmhouse decorating is all about simplicity and keeping things organic. The finer details matter with this approach, and it works best when elements incorporated portray a rustic, minimal and cozy feel.

Old is gold and it’s good to keep things as authentic as possible. Think exposed beams overhead, distressed woods, natural textures, floral curtains, vintage and whitewashed decor, a neutral color palette, galvanized metal accents, salvaged goods and implementing raw and organic materials in the foundation.

Forego clutter and be selective in where items are placed. Bring the outdoors in with houseplants, preserved wreaths, and herb gardens. When in doubt, fill a mason jar with fresh flowers to complete the look for any space. When it comes to colors, neutral hues create a calming space; linen and cotton upholstery reinforce this laid-back style. Rustic wood furniture and galvanized metal finishes add to the lived-in feel. Image above via: Architectural Digest.

Directly below the following images find a step-by-step guide on how to decorate with Farmhouse style in your own home including information on how to design a Farmhouse living room, dining room, and bedroom. Article by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen


Farmhouse Decorating Ideas | How to Decorate a Farmhouse Style Home
Farmhouse Decorating Style
Farmhouse Style Decorating

Farmhouse decorating is characterized as comfortable, casual and cozy, incorporating vintage accessories, textural elements as well as handcrafted furniture. Images directly above courtesy of:  Country Living Magazine

How to Decorate Farmhouse Style

1. Design from the ground up

The flooring chosen can make a huge impact on the look and feel of your entire home. If your style has a coastal country vibe to it, consider incorporating whitewashed distressed floors to keep the look light and airy. If you have a classic white kitchen, richly colored warm floors provide a beautiful contrast.

Bare white oak floors are neutral, versatile and fit in almost any farmhouse style home. “White oak has beautiful natural color, so it doesn’t need stain,” says designer Sarah Richardson. Painted floors are another option if you want to instantly add some country appeal.

2. Keep things cozy, casual and comfortable with rustic decor

Give your home a cozy farmhouse feeling by adding distressed finishes, rustic accents and farmhouse decor that have country charm.

3. Details that matter

Be sure to include an eclectic mix of fabrics and textures as well as treasured possessions. Homespun style can be added by a random display of plates on a wall, glass lamp vases and wreath.

4. Include natural materials

While certain elements define the farmhouse style of decorating, including natural materials and rustic decor, incorporating a bright pop of color, such as a vibrant green can add an up-to-date twist of farmhouse charm. Add calming neutrals, such as a cream-colored living room and be sure to use plenty of natural elements like wood furniture and accents such as pinecones and branches.

5. Don’t be afraid to add a few DIY Farmhouse Style decorating elements

There are a lot of well written and informative tutorials with step-by-step DIY Farmhouse Ideas, such as how to create crate planters, drop curtains, how to update old wooden trunks, DIY cookbook stands and tips on distressing furniture. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your own home – and a fun project for the family.

6. Add antique finds to the mix

Using items such as apothecary cabinets, old signage, reclaimed wood, rustic storage solutions, small bottles – anything with a good patina adds a rustic farmhouse style to the home. Reclaimed wood shelving provides the perfect space to showcase collectibles.

7. Neutral Palette

A neutral palette provides the perfect backdrop for textural elements, as well as allowing the lines of the furniture and the architecture of the room to stand out.

8. Play with Contrasts

Mix high and low, old and new for a rich modern farmhouse interior that evokes pared-down, relaxed style, and low-key luxury. You can mix wood and metals as well as a blend of fabrics such as cotton, wool, chenille, and burlap. These textures keep the neutral farmhouse palette from appearing flat.

Layer in mixed metals in architectural details, furniture, light fixtures, and hardware.

How to Know if Farmhouse is Your Style:

Your style of design reflects your enthusiasm for all things organic, handcrafted, and farm-fresh. You like your home to feel relaxed, warm, and inviting without a hint of pretension. The beauty of nature inspires you, and you choose to surround yourself with natural materials such as wood, stone, and wicker.

You are drawn to traditional country elements, unique furniture, and embrace imperfections. You love to mix the old and the new to create a comfortable and soothing vibe. Your down-to-earth style is all about casual living in a natural, yet refined home where family and friends feel welcome. You like your home to be infused with character, warmth, and personality and you love cozy textiles and textures.

Farmhouse Lighting

Modern farmhouse combines vintage and modern with a neutral palette as the backdrop. This allows the raw materials, clean lines, and vintage accessories to stand out.

Modern Farmhouse Design

Rustic yet refined, modern farmhouse design is one of the most sought-after styles. It celebrates the distinctive design aesthetic that blends traditional country elements with both modern and industrial influences. This covetable look seamlessly blends the old with the new in masterful ways resulting in a fresh and timeless interior.

When it comes to the modern farmhouse style, its all about infusing character, warmth, and personality into the home, with a hint of minimalism. Think wood accents, neutral hues, and furniture with clean lines. It’s about striking the right balance of pastoral and refined while maintaining a utilitarian approach.

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This beautiful farmhouse images shown above are in the home that belongs to Jamie from Whitetail Farmhouse. Jamie lives in a small town in southeast Texas in a white farmhouse with a red barn that is surrounded by beautiful oaks and pines alongside hydrangeas, wisteria, and jasmine. Her goals were to “create a kitchen that stayed true to the farmhouse kitchens of the past, yet with modern amenities included for function and ease.”

She studied farmhouse kitchens from the past and noticed similar elements such as beadboard, shaker cabinets, farmhouse sinks, and oversized plate racks. Her version of farmhouse design included those elements with an updated approach that included wood, white and neutral tones.
Images courtesy of: White Tail Farmhouse

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Another beautiful farmhouse design created by Liz Marie who studied interior design and presently lives in North Carolina. When she’s not working on their fixer-upper farmhouse, Liz works in a boutique filled with vintage finds and home décor in Hudsonville MI.
Images courtesy of: Liz Marie

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Dreamy Whites in an online store that features authentic French farmhouse decor.
Images courtesy of: Dreamy Whites

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