Looking for modern glam decor? We’ve assembled all the essentials for a polished pad of your own where luxe classics meet fashion edge. From animals prints to sparkling chandeliers, classic furnishings, pretty pastels, global patterns and glamorous gold accents. Clean lines and luxe details and a healthy dose of shine create a space that’s glamorous yet easy going. Say “yes” to shimmer with chrome, nickel and white gold. It’s glam, fun and slightly daring – and these items are all spot-on for creating a space that’s ladylike with an edge.

Directly below the following images find a step-by-step guide on how to decorate with glam style in your own home including:

1. How to incorporate delicate shades of pink that add a rosy and feminine touch
2. Items to include in your home to create instant glamour
3. Chic furniture suggestions
4. The details that matter in a Glamorous style home
Article by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen

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Classic glam is an elegant interplay of the under and overstated incorporating chic neutrals, gorgeous metallic and luscious fabrics. Integrating glam decor into your home is about showcasing a distinct sense of self –  allowing you to infuse your own personal style. Here are a few ideas for inspiration in your own modern glam decor home design:

  • Furniture with sculptural lines.
  • A color palette that includes white, gray, cream, black and jewel tones. Include sparkling gem tones, pearlescent finishes, and crystal accents.
  • Light-catching materials such as metallic, mirrors, crystal and lacquer.
  • Geometric patterns like damask, scales and quatrefoil.
  • Dramatic lighting with crystal-adorned chandeliers and table lamps.
  • Mirrored accent furniture.
  • Lucite and lacquer also make an appearance on coffee tables and small decor pieces for their reflective, sleek surfaces.
  • Traces of Old Hollywood and Art Deco are woven throughout today’s classic glam style.
  • Touchable fabrics such as velvet, faux fur and sheepskin bring texture. Fur immediately evokes a sense of luxury. Incorporate it at home with a faux sheepskin throw blanket, a Mongolian fur ottoman, or a flokati rug.
  • Embellished furniture, shimmering accents & bold color combinations.
  • Each room should have at least one statement-making piece.
  • Oversized Art Deco-inspired sunburst mirror.
  • For a regal look, base your color scheme around jewel tones. Mix shades of sapphire and turquoise, or pair rich ruby with glimmering gold for a gem of a palette.
  • Include details like tufting, nailheads, and piping.
  • Set a chic scene with furniture that features exaggerated proportions or elaborate forms, like arched headboards, high-backed dining chairs, tuxedo sofas, or Demilune chests.
  • Fashion-forward wall art.
  • Dress your walls with fashion-inspired prints featuring iconic design houses, or maps of stylish cities like Paris, London, or New York to add panache.
  • Whether you choose real blossoms or faux bouquets, flowers are an essential part of glamorous decor. Opt for lush varieties like garden roses, peonies, and hydrangeas.

The key to creating a modern glam home is combining luxury metallic tones and glittered embellishments in a clean and minimalistic way. You can keep the space looking chic and polished by incorporating mostly neutrals like chrome and white. For an extra sprinkling of glamour, add a tufted chaise lounge in icy ivory or pale gold or silver. Glam is all about infusing your own personality into your home and showcasing a distinct sense of self.

Furniture with sculptural lines, upholstery, metal and detailing provide a good foundation. The color palette is generally white, gray, cream, black with jewel tones. Incorporate light-catching materials, such as metallic, mirrors, crystal and lacquer. Neutrals are the base of glam, but strategically placed shimmering objects provide sleekness. Be sure to mix and match mirrored or metallic elements with neutrals to create a balanced look.

Add shimmering shades of pink for instant glam

Glamorous Color Schemes

Blush Pinks
Made for more than just a pretty face. Give your rooms a dusting of soft pink for an all-over glow.

Paint Colors: Listed from largest lid to smallest. Where two lids of the same size are shown, the top one will be provided first.

  1. Rosy Flush/ Venetian VM42: This earthy pink warms up to organic colors such as mossy greens, light wood tones and just about any shade of khaki.  Use it in rooms where comfort is key.
  2. Pale Shadow/Pink Mimosa: Use this polished pink on living room walls. Pair with grays to keep the look light and airy.
  3. Powder Pink/Demure Pink: To keep pale pinks like this from being too sweet, pair with chalky creams and light browns.
  4. Smooth Shimmer/ Demure D38-3: Roam into dramatic territory and go dark. Pale gray trim is an elegant pairing.
  5. Rich Rouge/Mauve Glow: Define a special nook or shelf with this darker shade of pink.
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Feminine Color Schemes

Rose Pink
Romantic? Yes. Over-the-top sweet? Not a chance. Hues inspired by garden roses are actually some of the most livable colors around.

Paint Colors: Listed from largest lid to smallest. Where two lids of the same size are shown, the top one will be provided first.

  1. Soft Muslin W-D-110: You’ll barely be able to tell that this is pink; what you will notice is a flattering glow.
  2. Bunny’s Nose A31-2: This hue has a touch of red for energy.  Use it in a room flooded with natural light.
  3. Peach Cooler: Do as nature does and accent this creamy hue with a touch of green.
  4. Adobe Blush 7001-4: A yellow based pink that looks sublime accented by cloudy gray.
  5. Odessa A14-1: Pair this color with dusty blue and golden orange for a Moroccan look.
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Modern Glam Decor

Modern Glam Decor:Acrylic Furniture

You can easily add a modern glam flair to your home by adding acrylic furniture. This visual lightness of acrylic furniture helps interiors to appear airier than they are, which works great in small spaces. These barely-there designs are extraordinary, seeming to almost float in a room and reduces visual clutter.

Modern Glam Decor: Statement Chandeliers

Glam decor and lighting: This season’s must-have piece is an attention-grabbing chandelier. Reigning supreme, are chandeliers with gold or brass metallic accents. Designers say the lighting is the jewelry of the home – and a statement chandelier can instantly add glamour to a space.

Modern Glam Decor: Murano Glass

Murano glass is having a major renaissance. Whether it’s concentric shaped, or tiered, with cascading petals, Murano glass is delicate yet modern and adds instant shine. Use one as a sophisticated finishing touch for a master bedroom or as a way to bring a bit of femininity to a room with sleek, contemporary lines.

How to Tell if Your Design Style is Modern Glam

Your design style reflects your passion for sumptuous fabrics, luxury metallic tones, and plenty of sparkle. You have a discerning eye for detail, and you love to infuse your home with your glamorous, regal, and sophisticated sense of taste.

You are drawn to furniture with sculptural lines, light-catching materials, dramatic lighting, mirrored accent furniture, traces of Old Holywood, statement-making pieces, and fashion-forward art. Your style is feminine, warm, and inviting and reflects your love of fashion.

This style is perfect for those who love to entertain in high-style and surround guests with tactile fabrics such as velvet, faux fur, and cozy sheepskin.

Tips for Acing Modern Luxe Design

Sleek Materials – Modern Luxe design introduces plenty of sleek and reflective glamour in the home. Here you’ll find a multitude of metallics present, from gold to silver to steel and chrome. The key to creating a Modern Luxe interior is to combine these luxury metallic tones and glittered embellishments in a clean and minimalistic way.

Fine Textiles – Fabrics can be used to create a luxe design aesthetic that sets the mood for any room in your home. From velvet, silk, and cashmere to imported and handmade textiles the possibilities are endless. Materials and fabrics should add to the overall character of the space and convey a sense of rarity without seeming pretentious.

Less is More – Modern Luxe interior design is all about creating a space that’s thoughtfully designed but not ostentatious. A high-end design feels curated and every element should feel like it always belonged there.

Metallic Finishes – Incorporate metallic finishes to create a luxurious atmosphere by pairing different metal accents in gold, brass, and chrome. This will bring a lavish sheen to your interior spaces.

Furnishings – Choose quality larger pieces that make the design feel more indulgent, rather than a cluster of smaller cheaper items. Furniture with sculptural lines, upholstery, metal, and detailing provide a good foundation for Modern Luxe design.

Focal Point – Build a true focal point around something unique to your space. This could be a gallery of ornate framed mirrors to add decadence and shine or a display of things that mean something to you on sculptural wall shelves. Then, light it up to ensure your focal takes center stage.

How to Tell if Your Design Style is Modern Luxe

Your design style is all about furniture that makes a statement, fabrics that are luxurious and centered around comfort, and using mirrored, lacquered, and reflective surfaces while keeping lines clean and simple. You like crystal, marble, stone, and high-shine accessories and incorporating a design style that provides for the freedom of expression. You are innovative and imaginative and attention to detail is key.

You’re drawn to bold accents, high contrast art, graphic details, and sweeping statements of geometry, symmetry, and metallics. You prefer a minimalistic approach to design that is modern, refined, sophisticated, and elegant.

You like to use elegant and luxurious furnishings and décor in your home, such as a glass-topped gold coffee table, geometric rugs, and sculptural elements. Bold accents and hues reflect the spirit of Modern Luxe design.

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