Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments


Looking for Scandinavian Christmas ornaments? When one things of Scandinavian Christmas, images of a land of snow, reindeer and huddling by a warm roaring fire come to mind. Ornaments are typically in neutral tones with geometric elements. Think white, gray, tones of natural wood and often black to add contrast. Wintery greens can also be added into the mix. Be sure to incorporate natural materials such as pinecones, evergreens, wood and moss.

Lighting is a key element in Scandinavian Christmas design and so it’s important to introduce soft lighting such as candles and twinkle lights as well as paper lanterns.

Scandinavian Christmas decorating is simple, uncluttered and minimal.  It celebrates simplicity and functionality.  Common ornaments on the tree can include candles, baubles, apples and small gnomes.  Transform your home into a cozy Nordic lodge with antler décor, cozy faux fur and knitted blankets.

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