How to Achieve the Bohemian Style in Your Home with Bohemian Decor

Are you wondering how to achieve the Bohemian style in your own home? It’s easy to capture the eclectic charm of Bohemian or “Boho” decorating simply by surrounding yourself with artistic elements. If you are a free spirit that loves adventure, creativity and unique décor, the Bohemian style of design may be perfect for you. Bohemian decorating provides the opportunity to fill your home with culture, bright patterns, and vivid colors without following the rules. It’s unconventional, bold, artistic, exotic, offbeat and embraces the carefree and the unusual.

Incorporate lanterns, hand-crafted pillows, playful patterns and vibrant hues. The image above is the work of, Justina Blakeney, a designer, and artist who believes creativity is the key to having an amazing home. “I like to bring in items that stimulate senses other than just sight – things that you touch, things that you smell, things that you hear.” – Justina Blakeney

Unlock your inner free spirit with this curated collection of Bohemian decor and Bohemian bedding with vibrant colors and exotic patterns.

Directly below the following images find a step-by-step guide on how to decorate with Bohemian style in your own home including information on how to design a Bohemian living room, dining room, and bedroom.  Article by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen

HOW TO DESIGN BOHEMIAN STYLE | Bohemian Decorating Ideas

What is a Bohemian style home?

Although this style is interpreted differently by everyone, there are some commonalities in the design approach. The colors in a Bohemian interior tend to gravitate towards warm and earthy such as terracotta, gold, and shades of brown or embrace a broad sector of vibrant jewel tones. Bohemian decor has the perfect balance between eclectic and fun without trying too hard – it appears effortless. It’s a casual chic look that provides relaxed living spaces that truly show the essence of the homeowner.

What is Bohemian style decor?

Here are a few tips to create the Bohemian style in your own home:

1. Bohemian style incorporates a multitude of textures and patterns

It’s important to mix a wide variety of texture and pattern with the Bohemian design style. Bohemian decor includes layering throws on sofas, hanging exotic tapestries and incorporates area rugs and natural materials. Additional Bohemian decor accessories to include are vintage bottles, mismatched china, bright throw pillows, and collections from places you have traveled.

2. Add your prints slowly to avoid overwhelming the space

Bohemian decorating is all about plants, patterned textiles mixed with rich textures and a relaxed vibe. It’s vivacious, incredibly creative and inspired. It can be intimidating to mix prints if you haven’t done so before – so try starting small and gradually add different printed home decor accessories such as rugs, tapestries and throw pillows. Incorporating Bohemian decor slowly gives you time to step back and take a look to see if the design looks balanced and cohesive.

3. If you have one – take advantage of your porch or outdoor area

Porches are a great place to create a boho feel and integrate Bohemian decor. Simply add natural elements, lanterns, cozy blankets and woven textures in geometric prints.

4. The walls play an important part in Bohemian style design

Although many Bohemian style homes make use of brightly colored walls, white walls also make the perfect backdrop to showcase the mixed patterns and colors without creating a space that feels overdone. Create the look of a boho-chic home with handcrafted textiles and ceramics. Incorporate global find and style your home in a way that is uniquely yours.

How to decorate using Bohemian decor in the living room

If you are thinking of creating a Bohemian living room – think pillows everywhere, Kilim rugs and an eclectic vibe. A Bohemian living room makes use of mixing colors instead of matching them.

Find decor in a wide variety of colors and blend them to add timeless beauty to your living room. Be sure to incorporate warm and eclectic light fixtures, such as antique lampshades, exotic lanterns and other vintage inspired finds.

Unique furniture is essential in a Bohemian living room. Think of adding furniture with interesting shapes and sizes. Let your imagination run wild with an eclectic display of art such as handcrafted accessories, objects purchased from past traveling adventures as well as old paintings.

Bohemian Living Room Ideas

Image courtesy of: Architectural Digest Russia

Bohemian Style Living Room

Image courtesy of: Pinterest

How to design a Bohemian dining room

If you have a Bohemian style living room, you’ll want to carry that through the rest of the home. It’s such a strong design style with a ton of impact, so there should be elements featured in each room of the home.

Dining rooms generally have a touch of formality, and so this would be the most logical place to incorporate a more refined Bohemian style. Bohemian dining rooms look great with weathered wood dining tables, strong patterns on the window treatments and walls as well as a lovely Moroccan print tablecloth to add a burst of color.

If you don’t want a brightly colored Bohemian dining room, you can skip the color and use textured elements that are layered correctly, such as weather wood, tan tones in the art displays, textured prints and plants to provide freshness.

Bohemian Dining Room

Image courtesy of: Pinterest

Bohemian Style Dining Room

Image courtesy of: The Jungalow

How to design a Bohemian Style Bedroom

If you want a bedroom that represents who you are, the Bohemian style is the perfect fit. Boho is a state of mind, rather than a look – and its associated with artists, musicians, writers, and designers.

To create your own Bohemian bedroom, think about incorporating linens that sweep to the floor, such as a canopy bed with long sheer linens. Think of adding organic elements, twinkling lights, tassels, window candles, plants, textured fabrics, colorful accents as well as beads, flowers, and feathers.

The most beautiful Bohemian bedrooms use the bed as an artwork itself and make use of vibrant shades, comfy bedding and a generous pile of cushions.

Bohemian bedding is as free-spirited as Bohemian decor. You can either choose to go with solid or neutral bedding topped off with brightly decorated pillows or go for an all over colorful duvet cover or quilt.

Boho Bedroom Ideas

Image courtesy of: Pinterest

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Image courtesy of: Pinterest

Typical Bohemian Decor

  • Geometric vases and hanging planters
  • Pendleton blankets
  • Beaded chandeliers
  • Natural seagrass woven baskets
  • Hand-knotted jute and wool rugs
  • Marrakesh & Kilim woven throw pillows
  • Textured woven rugs
  • Macramé wall hangings
  • Delicate crocheting to add a homespun touch of coziness
  • Mix and match dinnerware
  • Carved wood coffee tables
  • Hand-stitched Kantha throws
  • Sheer embroidered curtains
  • Hexagonal Marrakesh occasional tables
  • Bohemian and Moroccan lanterns
  • Globes & maps
  • Tasseled throws
  • Fringes on pillows and throws
  • Kilim woven pillows
  • Middle Eastern décor
  • Eclectic patterns
  • Comfy floor cushions
  • A wide variety of plants

Written by the Editor & Interior Designer for Buyer Select: Tracy Svendsen


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Khobz Bread Baskets
Female artisans in the Atlas Mountains weave these broad, bowl-shaped baskets entirely by hand. With their vibrant colors and traditional flower-inspired designs, they exude a warm, homey feel evocative of the life-giving bread, or khobz, customarily stored inside. Today, these traditional baskets can be used to corral clutter in entryways or living spaces, or simply displayed as stunning decor pieces.

Rhiannon Wall Décor
Drawing inspiration from high end, hand-painted scarves, this beautifully detailed artwork features a vibrant mix of color and pattern. Each piece employs symbols and motifs used internationally in artwork and fashion—from scrolling vines and paisleys to detailed medallions and geometric shapes—giving the fabric compositions a bohemian feel. Framed in wood with a satin gold finish, these vibrant works make compelling additions to a well-collected home.

Bohemian Wedding Décor
These hanging jar candle lanterns are a gorgeous statement of the bohemian design. Inspired by the colors and smells of the Morocco evening and patterns of Indian henna, the lanterns have a story to tell. Mix and match tinted glass jar treasures to create patio table settings or home decor accents that speak of love, adventure, music, art and literature.

Jardinier Pillow
Charleston-based artist Lulie Wallace creates dazzling acrylic paintings under the mantra that the less perfect the subject, the more beautiful the finished product. Possessing panache for floral compositions like this one, her daring color combinations set apart each piece as truly unique.

Bungalow Pendant
What’s timeless, understated and a tactile treat for interior spaces? Jute, of course! We love it for its bohemian, sophisticated appeal, which is why we couldn’t resist this earthy pendant. Its midcentury modern design combined with a fibrous jute shell makes it the perfect addition to your kitchen table or workspace.

Boho Textured Wool Rug
Inspired by 1970s wall hangings, this Boho Textured Wool Rug mixes multicolored wool, jute and cotton in varied textures. Each beautifully detailed rug is handcrafted by Craftmark-certified artisans in a Fair Trade Certified™ facility where artisans earn a premium for each piece made.

Diamond Shag Pouf
Hand loomed by skilled artisans in India, our Diamond Pouf is shaggy, soft and something you can feel good about—as a Fair Trade Certified™ piece, each pouf made directly improves the lives of the artisans behind it.

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Versatile as a footstool, extra seating or as a side table when topped with a tray, our handwoven Loop Pouf’s muted palette comes alive with a rich mix of textures.

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