Browse through a stunning selection of designer bedding from top luxury brands. It’s easy to turn your bedroom into a stunning private oasis with this selection of luxury bedding collections with sumptuous details, hand-blocked patterns, voile quilts and decorative pillows. Nothing is more satisfying than a good night’s sleep in luxurious bed linens that instantly makes your room more inviting. From neutral shades to modern color palettes, this designer bedding collection is sure to make you wake up like royalty. Directly below the following images find an article on the top designer bedding brands and how to make a beautiful bed Article by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen

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Shop our elegant designer bedding collection and find some of the top luxury bedding collections from the best designers and brands. Designer bedding is extraordinarily luxurious with exceptionally lush thread counts elevating bedding to an art form. Give your old duvet new life with a luxury duvet cover. Purchasing designer bedding or a new duvet is an easy way to create a new look for your bedding by simply covering an existing bed spread with a new fabric and design. Here you can discover the perfect duvet cover set for your room, whether you are searching for designer bedding for a king, queen, full or twin sized bed. To complete the look, add updated pillow shams and sheets to match your new duvet. Browse through an extensive selection of duvet covers in fabrics ranging from linen and fine cottons to silk and velvet. Find luxury bed ensembles that are an inspired mix of new and signature styles, incredibly alluring Egyptian cotton and the purest silk, giving the bedding an incomparable softness and luster. Whether you prefer luxurious textures, evocative prints or irresistible patterns, luxury bedding elevates your bedroom to the next level. We feature brands such as Sferra, Matouk, Dian Austin, Peacock Ally, Eastern Accents and more. Styles range from classic to contemporary bed linens all with stunning decorative pillows to add the perfect finishing touch. Quilts, throw blankets and coverlets add an elegant warmth and style to your bedding.  Choose from a variety of solid quilts in a variety of colors for a traditional look, as well as patterned quilts and coverlet sets in many sumptuous fabrics and styles for a more modern design. They add the perfect touch to any designer bedding set.

Frette’s Guide on How to Make a Beautiful Bed

How to Make a Beautiful Bed

The Euro Sham, often referred to as a Square Sham, is a large decorative covering finished with flanges around all four edges and a tuck flap in the back. Two large (65cm x 65cm) Euro Shams are typically placed at the back of the bed behind the shams and sets the backdrop for the bed. Euro Shams are sold individually and are designed to fit with Euro pillow fillers. Style Tip: The smaller size (50cm x 50cm) is often placed as an accent piece at the front of the bed.

  1. SHAM

A decorative pillow covering with flanges around all four edges and tuck flap in the back. Available in standard (used for queen bedding) and king sizes. Style Tip: Traditionally ornamental in the US, these can also serve as pillowcases, which is commonly done in Europe.


A functional pillow covering with an opening on one side to easily insert and remove the pillow and used for sleeping pillows. Pillowcases are available in standard (used for our standard and queen pillow fillers) and king sizes. Style Tip: Most Pillowcases are sold individually, however, Hotel Classic Collection and Single Ajour Collection pillowcases are sold two per package and are a quick and easy way to refresh your bed linens.


A Decorative Pillow, also referred to as a Cushion, is a square pillow with a button, flap or zip closure and without flanges around the edges. The Decorative Pillow often sits as the centerpiece of the bed. Style Tip: Adorn the front of your bed with the smaller size (50cm x 50cm) Decorative Pillow for a pop of color or pattern to your bed or use as an accent piece in any room of your home.


A bed linen ensemble consisting of a bottom sheet, top sheet, and either two shams or pillowcases. Bottom Sheets come fitted (unless otherwise noted) with elasticized corners for a snug fit around the mattress. Top Sheets are flat sheets that are placed on top of your fitted sheet and beneath your duvet cover and/or light quilt. Style Tip: Although most Sheet Sets come with shams that match the top and bottom sheet, pillowcases can be added to complete the bed.


Enveloping the comforter/filler, the Duvet Cover is an ornamental top of the bed covering, finished with buttons for closure. Style Tip: Often the focal point of your bed, a Duvet Cover in an all-over jacquard brings color and interest into the bedroom.


The lightest layer on the bed the Light Quilt is fashioned in embroidered cotton or mixed silk jacquard, providing decorative texture, warmth, and comfort. Due to their intricate craftsmanship and lustrous fibers, our Light Quilts are often our most treasured pieces. Available in king (unless otherwise noted) the Light Quilt is a versatile piece that fits both king and queen beds. Style Tip: Light Quilts add a hint of opulence to the bedding ensemble. In warmer climates, these precious pieces can take the place of heavier duvets.


Layered underneath the duvet cover and also known as a coverlet, the Bedspread rests over the top sheet and reaches to the floor. The Bedspread is often used as the sleeping blanket if the duvet is turned down for the night. Style Tip: Choose a contrasting color that coordinates back to your duvet cover and fold the duvet cover three-quarters of the way down on the bed to showcase the piece and create an enchanting layered effect.

Top Designer Bedding Brands

Frette Designer Bedding

Frette Cerchi Bed Linens (as shown in the bedding image gallery above) Image courtesy of: The Ritz-Carleton

Frette Bedding


Frette is one of the most prominent and recognized manufactures of luxury designer bedding and is the top choice for many 5-star beds worldwide. With its bases located in Monza and Milan, Frette has been producing luxury linens and home furnishing since 1860. Using only the finest fibers and highly skilled artisans, Frette is recognized globally for chic, original design and inimitable finish and feel.  Frette bed linens are used in many of the world’s most prestigious hotels as well as discerning private homes. They have more than 100 boutiques worldwide and continue to provide exclusive designs and custom color combinations. They are also a favorite of Campion Platt of Campion Platt interiors who says “I love Frette because their products come in a variety of simple, minimalist colors and patterns. The fabric is of the highest quality: durable, yet soft as silk to the touch, which is important because, with a duvet cover, the breathability of the fabric has a direct effect on how restful your sleep will be. Frette’s options are all easy to care for, and it’s a luxury choice that doesn’t break the bank.” —Campion Platt, Campion Platt Interiors Bed linens are Frett’s most sought- after orders, from sheets to pillowcases, duvet covers, blankets, and shames. They range from traditional white and gray to brighter colors. They are renowned for their embroiders that range from florals to geometric patterns and monogramming. They also have a wide selection of silky nightgowns, cashmere robes, and pajamas as well as tablecloths, placemats, and napkins. Andrea Warden, the past CEO of Frette explains why their sheets are so soft against your skin. “It’s about using the finest, long staple cotton to make the percales and sateens,” says Warden. Long fibers make a more uniform, resistant and smoother thread for weaving, she explains. The feel – a far less tangible thing – is determined by the finishing process. The fabric goes through not just the mill, but is also gassed, washed, mercerized, ironed and finally purged. Although the process sounds a bit harsh, the end results are faultless.

Frette Luxury Linens
Frette Luxury Bedding
Designer Bedroom Ideas
Annie Selke Designer Bedding


Annie Selke is the founder and creative force behind the wildly acclaimed home-textile companies, Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert as well as licensed fabric collection Annie Selke Home. Annie is a consummate traveler & flea-market treasure hunter who gathers inspiration wherever she goes. Her main headquarters are located in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts.  She is an expert at updating the traditional, and her bedding and home décor have polish without pretention.


For over 20 years her companies have created bedding, rugs, sleepwear and home furnishings – all stylish pieces that stand the test of time. Dash & Albert Rug Company, founded in 2003, offers a happy selection of wool, cotton, indoor/outdoor, and blended rugs in a variety of beautiful weaves. Spirited and well-bred, these rugs are a smart solution for floors pining for personality. Pine Cone Hill’s fresh, fun home textiles have been making waves in the home design industry since 1994 when Annie started the business with an industrial sewing machine on her dining room table. Whether you’re building a beautiful boudoir or a rustic retreat, Pine Cone Hill has everything you need, in top-quality fabrics and imaginative designs. “You can’t ever go wrong with Pine Cone Hill’s Hemstitch White Duvet Cover. Classic, timeless, and so soft.” —Audrey Margarite, creative director of Bunny Williams Home

SFERRA Designer Bedding


SFERRA is known for impeccable craftsmanship, fine tailoring, and innovation. They craft the luxury of the every day, where beauty and comfort are woven into every room of the home. Using the finest raw materials, SFERRA is renowned for sourcing the world’s choicest natural fibers. The company was founded in 1891 in Italy by Gennaro Sferra. He sold Italian lace, collars, and cuffs to society’s finest. In the early 1930s, his focus evolved to table linens and he began to instill the mastery of textile craftsmanship to his two sons, Enrico and Albert. Albert saw the potential of using long-staple cotton to create softer and smoother percale bed linen, which started a revolution in bedding. In 2001, SFERRA introduced the first-ever 1,020-thread count linens, which were heralded as “turning the linen industry on its head. The Finest Raw Materials SFERRA spins gossamer yarns to weave luxury linens of exceptional quality.  The company was the first to introduce bed linens woven from Giza 45 – the highest grade of Egyptian cotton. Expert Italian Craftsmanship Many believe there is no parallel for Italian woven fabrics as the Italians are recognized throughout the world as masters of the craft, with a rich history. SFERRA is a testimony to this history, grounded in more than three centuries of small family-owned textile mills where their linens are still crafted today. Design Details SFERRA considers the functionality inherent in the desired products they design – essentially the finishing touches.  Their bed linens are generous in size with extra fabric providing room for potential shrinkage as well as a luxurious turn-back on flat sheets. With the deep depth and the all-around elastic of their fitted sheets, you’ll never have problems with keeping them in place.

SFERRA Designer Bedding
SFERRA Luxury Bedding
SFERRA Bedding

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