Looking for modern rustic decor? Celebrate the beauty of the outdoors with our curated selection of rustic furniture that uses natural materials to create an easy-going laid back style. The perfect way to get away from it all. If you love the outdoors, it’s inspiring to live in a home that reflects this strong and adventurous nature.  To achieve a modern rustic approach, incorporate a few eclectic items such as industrial décor, bold kilim patterns, natural wood finishes, dark leather chairs, reclaimed furniture and ottomans.

Many of the items selected are derived directly from the beautiful American landscape and will make you feel like you’re living in a cozy mountain resort.

Browse through an extensive collection of hand-selected modern rustic decor for the living room, kitchen, bedroom and dining area. Shop by your design style: BohemianCoastalFarmhouseModern GlamFrench CountryScandinavianTonal Chic or Urban Earthy.


Tips for Acing Modern Rustic Design

Modern rustic design combines old-world elements with contemporary and works best when presented in minimalist arrangements. This style seeks to combine the warmth and charm of a rustic home with the style and convenience of a modern dwelling. 

It provides the best of two words, allowing homeowners to create an eclectic space that reflects individual personality. By incorporating honed, hammered, and distressed finishes and objects into the space, a room can both be rustic and modern in design.

To achieve a modern rustic approach, add a few eclectic items such as industrial décor, bold kilim patterns, natural wood finishes, dark leather chairs, reclaimed furniture, and ottomans.

Key Elements in Modern Rustic Design

Modern rustic spaces generally have an open floor plan, exposed natural architectural elements, and modern furniture. 

This style of design is perfect for those who like to combine old-school and modern with a strong emphasis on the imperfect beauty of the natural world. 

Neutral Palette – Start off with neutral tones to compliment rustic wall décor. The color scheme embraces natural earth tone colors, as well as elements such as wood and stone.

Rough-Hewn Beams – Rough-hewn beams instantly add rustic charm. They work to help define a space architecturally as well as anchor a rustic design. Wood beams can be used to frame ceilings, delineate doorways as well as surround fireplaces and windows. 

Organic Forms – Organic elements in the home help create a calm and peaceful environment. Choose materials that resonate with your own personal style that will help you connect to your interior. Whether it’s natural rock, wood, cotton, leather, or seagrass, these items connect us to the great outdoors.

Weathered Materials – Wood is a primary element used in the design and decorating of rustic homes. Wood surfaces should show a bit of age. Reclaimed wood, hammered and distressed metals, and seeded glass convey a sense of history. Reclaimed wood also is an ideal choice as it provides an earthy and natural look.

Textural Fabrics – Sturdy fabrics with plenty of added texture are on point in a rustic home. From burlap to cotton, linen, and wool, all go a long way in creating a warm, inviting, and cozy home. Quilts are a natural partner for rustic-style interiors, whether they are draped over the edge of a sofa or at the end of a bed.

How to Know if You’re Design Style is Modern Rustic

Your design style is all about bringing the outdoors in while embracing rugged and natural furniture and textures. Although you find the rustic approach to design appealing, you prefer blending in modern elements.

You relate to the term ‘home is where your heart is’ and you love creating a feeling of warmth and comfort in your own home.

You are drawn to hammered and distressed finishes, rough-hewn beams, organic forms, weathered materials, earth-tone colors, repurposed objects, and cozy textures.

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas

Modern Rustic Decor
Modern Rustic Decor
Modern Rustic Decor

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