Green decor in interiors: green symbolizes nature and the organic world and has the ability to provide a sense of tranquility, peace, and comfort. It’s the perfect color to add anywhere you want to feel relaxed and escape from daily routine and works well in all rooms in the home. Greens can be used as neutral colors as well as complimentary shades and are said to encourage healing.

It is also viewed as the color of generosity, and it is considered lucky. From emerald accents to hints of sage, spruce, and lime, any room is better when its alive with green tones. Get inspired to use green decor as an accent on walls and furniture in all areas throughout your home.

Directly below the following images find a guide on how to decorate with green in your own home!
Article by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen

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How to Decorate with Green

Interior designers around the globe are already looking into the following year to discover the newest trends in home design and color. Green once again plays a significant role as it is a natural and effortless way to bring the indoors in.

Color also plays an important factor in how we feel when we are in our own environment. For instance, A fresh green is symbolic of renewal, growth, and harmony and can add a soft and romantic element to the room.

For those that love the ocean, a gray with a touch of green is reminiscent of foggy seaside mornings, and the sound of gentle waves and seagulls flying overhead. Or create a calming and organic retreat with muted shades of olive. Regardless of your preference of hue, it’s important to address how it will be used in your home – whether it takes center stage or has a subtle integration.

It’s easy to create a mindful space with green “The idea of mindfulness is all about awareness. This theme is especially relevant as we look for ways to balance all of our activities, reduce stress and increase the moments of joy in our lives. Being mindful also includes the experiences we engage in to maximize our sense of ease and contentment. This translates into the home by means of simplification, curation and using color to enhance our living spaces ~ Behr 

Green is Versatile

Applying green paint to the walls provides striking attention to detail that can instantly add depth to your walls. Try playing with green accessories, such as replacing lamp shades throw pillows or a hint of green in an area rug. Think of gorgeous watercolor prints on a feature chair in shades of green such as vines or leaves in subtle variations in tone.

Green is Mother Nature’s favorite color and there are so many gorgeous shades to work with. You can find green decor in many of the top home décor brands, from elegant vases to window treatments, artwork, furniture, and bedding. A simple green vase is a great way to introduce a bit of green into the home and is the perfect place to accommodate fresh or faux botanicals. A beautiful faux fig tree can instantly light up a corner with its lush, sculptural leaves.

Colored velvet furniture in vibrant shades of green instantly adds glamor and a modern edge. If modern is your style, green can carry a strong graphic presence. If bold green hues are used, a space is instantly infused with a youthful energy. Try adding a touch of green to the entranceway as a fresh and natural way to transition from the outdoors to the indoors.

Green is Gaining Momentum

Pinterest has listed sage green as the new neutral and it is among the favorite choice among pinners. Sage green is calming and works well with many different design styles. It can be cool or warm and earthy. The trend is leaning towards sage green cabinets, backsplashes, and sage green decor.

Another paint color that will be trending in interiors in 2019 is Night Watch by PPG Paints. According to PPG Paints, the color of 2019 is a deep hunter green that’s inspired by nature. “Night Watch is about bringing the healing power from the outdoors into your home through color,” said Dee Schlotter, PPG senior color marketing manager. “The dark green hue pulls our memories of natural environments to the surface to recreate the calming, invigorating euphoria we feel when in nature.” He goes on to state that the restorative power of nature is important in society now more than ever.

Night Watch’s versatility allows the paint color to be used in a variety of rooms and design segments – from healthcare to commercial and residential design.

It’s important to note that this shade works best in small doses, and PPG suggests using it for an accent wall in a bedroom or dining area or pairing the shade with elegant gold-hued-accents. This luxurious shade of green is also perfect if you are working with an interior that’s lacking a good view or connection to the outdoors.

Painting Walls Green
How to Design with Green

Behr’s Color of the Year

Behr’s 2018 color of the year, ‘In the Moment’, is a softer but equally beautiful shade of green. “This cool, tranquil, spruce blue is inspired by nature and is a soothing, restorative coalescence of blue, gray and green. This comfortable color evokes a sense of sanctuary and relaxation amid our busy, always-on lives. In name and color, this hue speaks to our desire to take a break, be present and recharge. In The Moment is versatile and perfect to use for both interior and exterior projects. It also crosses multiple design styles, ideal for working with traditional, modern, coastal and global décor.” ~ Behr’

If you are interested in adding green to your interior, they have a few other gorgeous shades, including Wabi-Sabi, Nurturing, Unplugged, and Equilibrium.

How to Decorate with Green: Nate Berkus

Creating a focal point is easy with a rug with shades of green, whether in classic stripes, geometric design or abstract artistry.

Interior designer Nate Berkus explains how to use the often-intimidating color in your home.

Go bold in one major place.
If you’re dealing with a room that’s outfitted in warm neutrals, like Katie Lee Hampton’s elegant entryway, try a bright, preferably Kelly green piece (Katie painted this table!) to add a jolt of liveliness.

Nate Berkus Decorating with Green

Use A (Very) Pale Green As An Alternative To White
…As you see in Katie’s living room (on the walls) and bedroom (with the bedding). Since such a light green feels both warm and cool, it’s a slam dunk neutral that also lends a relaxing, nature-inspired look.

Decorating with Green Decor

Go All Out With Accents & Green Decor

At first glance, the living room above doesn’t scream “Green” but at a closer look, you spy it in plenty of subtle places. A pillow, a lamp, artwork, and as an accent color in a throw. Seeing it pop up throughout the room gives it a cohesive feel, but making sure that each piece is in a different shade of the color keeps it from being overbearing.

Green blends easily with almost every other hue. Green represents freshness, vibrancy, and growth and works well as nature’s neutral. It’s the perfect color to restore and renew life as it bursts forward and provides us with the ability to reconnect with nature.

I hope you have found these tips on how to decorate with green helpful. Have fun adding green to your own home!
Written by the Editor & Interior Designer for Buyer Select: Tracy Svendsen

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