Looking for boys bedding? By sticking with basic components, it’s easy to be practical, stylish and “indulgent” in decorating terms. At Buyer Select, we do the legwork so that you have the fun of shopping for boys bedding without the hassle. Think of it as a “decor to your door” service. You and your boy can browse through a curated selection, taking plenty of time to decide what works best for your little one. We search out the best values from top names in the world of girls and boys bedding.

We’re ready to help, whether you’re buying for your boy’s first bed, getting ready to send your son off to college, or helping your young graduate decorate his first apartment. Have fun shopping through our boys or girls bedding collections. We also have boys bedding curated by theme: dinosaur bedding, jungle-safari, kids nautical bedding, woodland, shark bedding, and outer space bedding.

Directly below the image gallery is an informative article on how to design a boy’s room. 


Boys Bedding | Boys Bedroom Ideas

  1. Choose the design style

    As a professional interior designer and one who loves kid’s bedroom design, I think that one of the most important elements in the initial design of a little boy’s bedroom is to include your son in the process as much as possible. Even when they are a bit older, it’s still a great idea to sit and have a quick discussion on what they envision what their new bedroom will look like.

    Although the details covered in this process are largely dependent on your child’s age, by the age of three, most children will already have formed some preferences as to what colors they like best, and some will have a specific theme in mind.

  2.  Choose the bedding

    A good way to start is by having your child view images of kid’s bedding that is available online, and have them point out several styles that appeal to them right away. Many little boys do seem to like bright and bold primary colors and Disney action figures, but there are those that dream of pirates, dinosaurs, construction themes, cars, trains, planes, or western themes.

    Children’s bedding can be purchased as individual items, or by ‘bed in a bag sets’, where everything is included. These sets are often very economically priced, and a good option when you consider that they may have another bedroom design change in several years.

    A useful tip and one that I highly recommend is to purchase the bedding prior to painting the room. It works well to bring the quilt or comforter, shams, etc. into the paint store with you to ensure you get the perfect “match” on color or tone.For instance, if there is a grey-blue color in the bedding set, you may want to tone the paint color down a few shades for the walls. I always bring the paint samples home prior to purchasing the paint, just to see how the lighting in the room, effects the color

    I take about 10 paint samples and tape them to the wall, leaving them there for a day or so, as to avoid making a decision too quickly. Day and evening light can have an impact on your color choice.

  3. Think about the walls

    Artwork is always fun to incorporate into a child’s room. There is lots of artwork available for little boy’s rooms that can be purchased online. Another option is to simply find a photo resource website, save and print the image, and purchase simple frames to put them in. I did this for my own children and was very happy with the outcome. Again, here is another fun way to include your child in the design process. Vector images are great for cartoon type characters. If you are handy with Adobe Photoshop or a similar program, you can change colors in the images, add text (such as their name or inspiring quote), or put a collage together using several photos. I usually purchase the frames from Ikea and sometimes paint the frames to match a color in the bedding or image.

  4. Determine the theme

    If they you are looking for a theme style boys bedroom such as dinosaurs, sharks, nautical, safari -jungle, outer space or woodland, I’ve provided separate pages with bedding, coordinating decor and design tips that are located at the bottom of each page.

    Dinosaur Bedrooms: Two approaches that can be taken are purchasing bedding that depicts dinosaurs, or using a solid comforter with throw cushions that have dinosaurs on them or using a solid comforter with throw cushions that have dinosaurs on them.  Either works well. Typically dinosaur bedding is available in shades of blue, green, or earth tone colors. I find that going with a neutral color, such as a warm tan, can make it easier to change the design of the room at a later date. Wall borders, throw pillows, wall art and bedding can be added to create vibrant splashes of color. [read more]

    Shark Bedrooms: Shark bedding has become increasingly easier to find online, with coordinating accessories such as window treatments, area rugs, and wall art. With so many children loving nautical, ocean and shark-themed bedrooms, there is now a wide variety of not only shark bedding, but shark wall art & stickers, lamps, plush toys, bath towels and bath mats to choose from. [read more]

    Nautical Bedrooms: There are many nautical kids bedding comforters and quilts available online, with coordinating accessories such as curtains, area rugs, and wall art. [read more]
    Safari-Jungle Bedrooms: 
    Safari bedding can be found in bold and dynamic colors, as well as more muted, earth tone shades. There is also the option of animal print bedding, with zebra, giraffe or leopard print patterns. [read more]

    Outer Space Bedrooms: Colors most typically associated with an outer space theme are light or medium blue. A sky blue works well on the walls, and dark or navy blue can be used for the ceiling. If there is a color that is predominant in the bedding, such as a bright orange, this can also be a creative approach to take. [read more]

    Woodland Bedrooms: If your child is growing up with an inherent love for the outdoors, a kids woodland bedroom theme is the perfect way to show off his personality inside. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help coordinate everything from outdoor bedding to wall décor, room colors and more. [read more]

  5. Embed your boy’s room with his interests

    With Buyer Select, you can choose boys bedding for every member of your family from toddler to teen, and create personal worlds that are attractive and well-suited to the individuality of each “resident.”

    Whether your boy is totally into his dinosaur phase, enthralled with superheroes, or a loyal sports fan with a favorite team, we can bring you the latest looks and the most popular themes in boys bedding.

    If you’d rather install a more classic look in his room, we will help you accomplish that as well with the best in boys bedding in solids, stripes, and plaids offered by traditional designers and fine boys bedding manufacturers.

    If your child has dreams of being an undersea explorer or traveling to outer space, our boy’s bedding from major manufacturers will encourage him to do just that, or a lot more.

  6. Layer, mix and be creative with boys bedding

    Color, texture, and pattern are all important aspects of a creative and comfortable boy’s bedding plan. Kids are active and imaginative creatures, and bedding has a lot of possibilities for creative play.

    So, when you plan a room for a young child, know that coverlets, comforters, and duvets are likely to become capes, tents, picnic blankets and exercise pads. They will be folded, crushed, crumpled and “abused.” Pillows are as prone to be used for fights as they are for sleep. Durability and quality should be the standards you use to judge boys bedding choices.

    A second consideration: Neatness is not the average trait for most children. But, by layering and mixing pieces, you should be able to maintain a modicum of style, and instill basic habits of “making the bed.” Keep reasonable expectations, so that you don’t become known as your home’s “drill sergeant.”

    By choosing wisely, mixing and layering, you can not only create a stylish environment for your boy — whether he’s three or 13 — but, with only minimal changes, the room can serve as a comfortable haven for the college kid home on break, or even as a comfortable guest room.

  7. Comfort is King

    Bedding basics include:
    • Sheet sets
    • Blankets or quilts
    • Bed skirt and comforter, or bedspread
    • Pillows, for sleeping and decorative appeal
    • Accessories: Warm throws, back pillows, duvets, additional decor items

    If you consider your boy’s current enthusiasms and favorite colors when choosing bedding you should be able to develop a scheme that will serve you well over time with only a few modifications.

    Choose sheet sets as a nod to your boy’s current fascination with sharks, whales or pirates, stars, star wars or sporting stars. Then pick coordinating solids for pillow shams and a duvet.

    Or, use a favorite patchwork quilt as a coverlet, balanced by traditional stripes or checks for sheets and pillowcases. Indulge your child’s fantasies with themed accessories and easy-to-replace throw pillows. Or personalize bedding with your child’s name and stripes in his favorite colors. It’s a theme that will grow well with him.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. Have fun creating your boys bedroom!

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