Colorful Christmas Ornaments


Find colorful Christmas ornaments in sparkling jewel tones and create drama with deep hues and eye-catching shine. Please check back as more items will be added throughout the holiday season!

Colorful Christmas Tree

Merry and Bright Colorful Ornament Collection & White Iced Fir Tree
Mid-century goes very merry modern. This exclusive Merry and Bright Ornament Collection is all about vintage colors of the beloved Shiny Brite ornaments from the 1950s, but with updated designs you can only find here at Grandin Road. Especially fabulous: fuchsia, turquoise, and gold octahedrons (yes, those interesting longer double-pyramids!); clear bulbs filled with “golden” flakes; and mouth-blown glass-inside-glass bulbs. All hand-blown glass; both shiny metallic and matte finishes. Candy colors “pop” from within the branches of nearly any tree, from bright white to evergreen.

  • Exquisitely designed Christmas ornament collection featuring glass bulbs, mid-century-styled in brightly colored metallic and matte finishes
  • Mouth-blown glass; hand-painted
  • Two gold glitter-filled glass bulbs include fuchsia velvet ribbon for hanging; all others include a metallic thread loop
  • Round bulbs include: (2) each of matte-finished turquoise and navy blue; (1) each of matte-finished fuchsia, light pink, and lime; (1) each of turquoise and gold in a metallic finish; (2) clear glass bulbs filled with gold glitter; and (3) glass-in-glass bulbs (pink, lime, blue)
  • Other bulbs include: (3) octahedrons, one each of fuchsia, turquoise, and gold; and (3) sculpted, white pearlescent drop shapes
Colorful Christmas Ornaments
Colorful Christmas Ornaments

A stunning colorful ombre Christmas Tree with over 300 ornaments
Image courtesy of: Inspired by Charm

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