If you are interested in creating a magical kids woodland bedroom theme room for your child – here’s some great rustic and woodland décor that go hand in hand in achieving this type of design. It’s easy to conjure the feel of a woodland retreat by incorporating plaids, faux campfire, log furniture, playhouse teepees, stone and animal accessories. Cozy plaid bedding brings in the feeling of wearing a cozy flannel shirt on a cold winter’s day. Standard colors for a kids woodland bedroom are shades of green and brown. It also adds interest to include wood and Aztec patterns as well as interesting texture such as faux fur and burlap. Bring in real wood in as many places as possible. Fleece and canvas are also a welcoming addition to this theme. If you’re looking to create a woodland nursery theme, the Nature Trail Baby Quilt, designed by Paper and Cloth has a beautifully embroidered woodland scene featuring forest trees made from appliqued gauze, for a playful and textured look. The Explorer Playhouse is part of the Camp Wandawega collection, and features a classic campground style with roomy pockets and pine frame. We hope the following camping/woodland decor items help you to create the perfect retreat for your little one.

Additional Woodland Bedding can be found at the bottom of the page.


How to Create a Kid’s Woodland Bedroom

If your child is growing up with an inherent love for the outdoors, a kids woodland bedroom theme is the perfect way to show off their personality inside. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help coordinate everything from outdoor bedding to wall décor, room colors and more. A rustic wood bed shows off natural wood grain, reminds children of trees and keeps the room right on its nature theme.

Include room pictures of teepees and forest to further enhance the woodland theme. Include a few geometric shapes to provide a modern feel. Bold pops of orange (such as from a faux fire, artwork or lampshade), add great color that works well with browns and greens. The kid’s woodland theme is sure to inspire a child that loves camping, fishing, hiking or hunting.

A kids woodland bedroom is easy to create. The concept begins with bringing the outdoors inside with nature-inspired accents and organic texture. This theme brings to mind images of catching frogs in a pond, roasting marshmallows on a campfire and enjoying time spent in nature.

A natural color scheme works best in shades of green, tan, earthy browns. Think about incorporating furniture with natural wood tones, such as rustic beds, dressers, and nightstands.

A woodland theme bedroom usually is centered around animals. From bear to deer, moose, elk, and rabbits, these forest critters add an adorable touch to the room. Foxes make a great choice as well, as they add a bright pop of orange to a subtle earth tone room.

Woodland decor that can be included is faux fur throws, tree bark, teepees, buffalo plaid bedding, antler lamps, lanterns, arrows, explorer tents, animal wall decals and cozy woodland bedding.

With an element of forest fantasy, woodsy, birch-inspired shelving and floor lamps are finished in a white wash.

Add a comfy, kid-sized chair to any room and create a special spot that’s just for them and just the right place for reading, relaxing or snuggling.

Featured Woodland Theme Bedroom Decor

Log Seat
Don’t let the design of this log seat fool you. It may look like an ordinary log, but it’s actually a soft and comfy, kid-friendly seat. Plus, it’s a lot more convenient than planting a tree in your living room.

Leaf Welcome Mat:
This Welcome/Go Away mat serves a dual purpose. The oversized felt leaf reads “Welcome” on one side and when flipped, says “Go Away” (for when you want to keep visitors at bay). It coordinates perfectly with many of the Playhouses shown.

Set of Two Boulder Poofs:
The Boulder Buddy Pouf is the softest rock to have ever been discovered. It’s super comfy to sit on and features a super friendly face. It also weighs much less than an actual boulder buddy. Designed exclusively by Hi Tree.

Woodsy Playhouse Canopy:
This playhouse features playful embroidered details, and plenty of room for your little ones to play.

Woodsy Playhouse Floor Cushion:
This playfully designed floor cushion is made to resemble the cross section of a tree trunk. Don’t worry, it’s much softer than an actual tree, and it coordinates perfectly with the Woodsy Playhouse.

S’more the Merrier Campfire:
There’s nothing quite like huddling around a roaring plush campfire when you’re roughing it in the rugged living room terrain. This exclusive set contains over 20 pieces to create a cozy campfire experience when you’re sleeping under the stars (and by “stars” we mean “ceiling fan”).

Tree House Loft Bed:
This magical retreat for your child evokes the spirit and appeal of an outdoor tree fort. The twin-sized bed sits above an open play area to double the space in the room. It’s built of rustic-finished wood, with open windows for a lookout and a sturdy ladder for access.

I hope you have found these tips helpful. Have fun creating your kids woodland bedroom!

Written by the Editor & Interior Designer for Buyer Select: Tracy Svendsen

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How to Decorate a Kid's Woodland Theme Bedroom
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How to Decorate a Kid's Woodland Theme Bedroom. If you are interested in creating a magical kids woodland bedroom theme room for your child – here’s some great rustic and woodland décor and design tips that go hand in hand in achieving this type of design.
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