Incorporating blue decor into your home is an effortless way to refresh your look. Blue is a color with many faces and can feel optimistic, thoughtful and dreamy as well as masculine or feminine. A recent YouGov survey suggested blue was the world’s favorite color – and it’s easy to see why. Find a  curated selection of blue decor, including bedding, dinnerware, throw pillows, decorative objects and much more.

Directly below the following images find a guide on how to decorate with blue in your own home!
Article by Interior Designer Tracy Svendsen

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Pottery Barn Summer 2019

Pottery Barn’s Summer 2019 catalogs includes a stunning palette that ranges from neutrals to rich blues and greens inspired by time spent at the lake. For the season glimmering on the horizon, they embraced all things color, from the shades of the ocean and sun-bleached tones to vibrant global prints.


Blue is timeless, and depending upon the choice of shade, can instantly help dictate the mood of a room. Blue is a color with many faces and can feel masculine or feminine, thoughtful, dreamy or optimistic. Its tones can be warm or cool.
From pale ice blue to shades of the ocean, blue can have very different effects on a room depending on its temperature. Warm blues are calming and peaceful and contain hints of red. Designers often prefer using warmer blues in social spaces such as the kitchen, living room or dining room, as they help a room feel cozy. On the cool side of the spectrum are shades referred to as the cool blues, like turquoise, cobalt and ice blue. Cool blues can encourage calmness, instills security and is an international favorite.

Whether it’s splashed across a canvas, coated on living room walls, in patterned fabric or wallpaper, or in the form of home accents such as throw pillows and vases, blue looks great in both small and large doses. It works great as a gentle progression of color, from sky-blue linens to deeper sea-inspired tones. A feature wall in blue adds instant drama.

Using patterns of different scale helps hues coexist. A little bit of blue goes a long way.
When you are designing with any color, including blue, it’s important to keep a streamlined color palette to keep the rooms feeling cohesive and provides a subtle transition between rooms.

Blue and white are a standard go-to for many interior designers. White has a way to keep things looking modern and fresh and pairs perfectly with blue. White shows blue off in its truest form and it’s also easy on the eyes. In a bright white living room, simply scatter blue accents from throw pillows, soft blankets, artwork, and centerpieces.

Interior designer Patrick Mele is known for his fearless way with color and suggests that using a combo of blue and white is like “wearing a white shirt with blue jeans, or a nay-blue blazer and a white shirt. It never goes out of style” The overall effect of incorporating blue and white is polished, elegant and casual. Incorporating blue and white porcelain adds instant drama – and is the perfect place to display plants and flowers. The timeless tranquility of Chinese ceramics with curving silhouettes harmonize perfectly with airy blue-and-white botanical designs with a soft, lustrous sheen. A soft denim wool rug provides relaxed ease in an airy palette of tonal blues and whites.

Another beautiful mix is using blue with beige. These two colors complement each other and reflects the effortless and sophisticated balance that exists between the ocean, sky and sand. You can pair beige, ivory or cream with layering shades of blue, from navy to denim with softer shades. Add weathered finishes for a coastal feel, or sleek and refined furnishings for a modern approach. Blue also looks gorgeous when paired with wood and textural décor such as baskets and woven prints. White and blue bedding in the bedroom promotes a feeling of calm and light. Its easy to make a statement with a color palette based on natural colors with hints of blue to contrast wood and add depth and texture to any room.

Everyone loves a throw. They are colorful, cozy and the perfect year-round layer. A blue throw is a perfect way to introduce blue into a living room or bedroom. Pair one with coordinating blue throw pillows in a variety of pattern and texture.

Whether you choose to go big with a few bold pieces in blue, or keep it low-key with subtle accents, blue is the perfect additional to any home.

I hope you have found these tips on how to decorate with blue helpful. Have fun adding blue to your own home!
Written by the Editor & Interior Designer for Buyer Select: Tracy Svendsen


Savoy Links Embroidered Duvet Cover
Inspired by classic architectural motifs, this embroidered design is stitched onto luxe cotton sateen for a lovely dash of detail. With its white base and pop of color, it’s a linen closet essential that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Such an effortless way to refresh your look.

Blue & White Ceramic Cachepot Cherry Blossom
Add gorgeous white and blue decor into your home. A blooming cherry bough lends delicate pattern to this antique-inspired cachepot. Shaped and painted entirely by hand, the porcelain vessel has the distinctive style of an original piece of art – from the depth of its glaze to the precision of its pattern. It’s proportioned to hold medium-sized potted plants—from flowering orchids to delicate ferns—and can also serve as a vase for cut flowers.

Blue and White Cachepot Vine Motif Bedding
Modeled after classic Ming design, this cachepot boasts a chrysanthemum and vine pattern in a deep cobalt blue. Perfectly proportioned to contain small potted plants, from orchids to ferns, it’s also ideal as a wide vase for fresh cut flowers.

Porcelain Lidded Temple Jar
The timeless tranquility of Chinese ceramics finds fresh expression in this traditional porcelain temple jar. Its curving silhouette harmonizes perfectly with the airy blue-and-white botanical design and soft, lustrous sheen. Artisans paint the graceful motifs by hand, then add a subtle glazed finish for long-lasting beauty. Porcelain blue decor.

Japanese Wave Printed Bedding
Deep blue with curling waves ripple across swaths of abstract floral designs on our lustrous cotton-sateen bedding. Inspired by the Japanese block-print that produced a distinct style of oceanic art, this print showcases nuanced shades in bold, airy brushstrokes for an elegant display on silky smooth long-staple cotton.

Alec Navy Blue Trellis Wing Chair
Centuries ago, the wingback chair was born of a need to keep warm, insulated and protected from drafts. Now through the miracle of central heating, that traditional profile can be made simpler and friendlier. The Alec design is proof. Built on a hardwood frame, upholstered by hand, then fitted with a tailored box cushion, it’s a refined, welcoming chair that, truth be told, has a warmth all its own.

Blue Farmhouse Terracotta Vases
Reap the rewards of rustic farmhouse style and blue decor with charming terracotta vases. Crafted in a classic shape, they feature a deep blue glaze and iron handles. Use them to display dry floral arrangements or as accent pieces on their own, and harvest the compliments.

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