Incorporating orange décor in your home is the perfect way to add a vibrant punch of energy into your home. From burnished tones to bright tangerine, orange infuses any room’s design with energy. Feature image courtesy of: Luxe Design + Interiors


Sunny and bright, orange adds cheer to everything – effortlessly adding a playful and youthful energy. Pops of orange throughout any space refreshes and revitalizes. “True to its name, orange in all its incarnations has a Vitamin C effect on home decorating. It refreshes and revitalizes. Whether it’s a rusty burnished tone or a cleaner tangerine, orange infuses any room’s design with energy.” ~ Traditional Home.

If orange all-over seems like too much, simply add bright pops of orange color with bold artwork, graphic rugs, throw pillows, lounge chair or a lampshade. A bold orange sofa or accent furniture piece can set the tone and anchor the room.

Orange can take a sophisticated turn by incorporating burnished tones. The fall is a great time to add touches of beautiful warm shades of orange to the space. Orange is at once warm and inviting, optimistic and encourages conversation.

If you’re looking for further inspiration on decorating with orange decor, please read the article on ‘Decorating with Color’ featured on the Buyer Select Blog.

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