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Tracy Svendsen
Tracy SvendsenInterior Designer | Fashion & Home Decor Blogger

Who Am I?

BUYERSELECT.COM is the eponymous lifestyle website and blog curated by Tracy Svendsen, an interior design graduate with a background in social media and internet marketing. Her mission is to share the latest in fashion and home décor tips that are both aspirational and attainable. Buyer Select is fueled by a passion to discover extraordinary home décor, furnishings and bedding to help you express your own personal statement and style.

Born in Vancouver BC, Tracy attended Montana State University’s Interior Design Program. She took a break from her studies to become a flight attendant in order to provide the opportunity to travel extensively while experiencing new places, people and diverse cultures. Two years later, she attended Ryerson for four years, where she received her degree in Interior Design.

“I would say that I am drawn to a simple, clean and neutral design with a hint of something unexpected. Our homes are an extension of ourselves, and I love the opportunity to inspire others to make artistic and creative design choices for their entire home. I am constantly on the lookout to experience new places, adventure, foods and the discovery of new and upcoming brands. I strive to assist people in creating interior spaces that reflect on the past and gravitate towards the future. I feel fortunate to wake up each morning and focus on what I love to do.”

With a discerning eye, Tracy has used the success of her website and social media presence to partner with a list of top brands and burgeoning boutiques. Buyer Select provides Tracy with the opportunity to showcase her love of design, travel and fabulous products encompassing both new and old.