Inject a shot of newness into your wardrobe with our editor’s curation of work fashion that encompasses far more than chic suits for women. Whether your job is corporate or creative, find your perfect mix of office-appropriate clothing.

Achieve corporate cool this season while adding brightness and energy by mixing a floral piece with something straightforward. Update classic black-and-white with flattering angles and elegant proportion play. Try a slightly flared pair of tailored culottes, and get trendy in white cotton shirts with an alternative style such a sharp collarless tunic. This season brings in bright knits – from soft shades of purple, pink and yellow – all bursting with energy.



“In most cases, a full suit is no longer necessary for the office,” says renowned fashion stylist,  St. Martin. “But I love the professional appeal of a classic blazer. If you’re curvy, pair it with an A-line skirt or dress in navy, plum, camel, grey or black with a soft camisole.” For other figures, try a pencil skirt and crisp blouse. “As a general rule, you can unbutton up to two inches below the top of your collar bone,” St. Martin advises. But don’t go any lower: nothing destroys credibility faster than showing major skin at work. ~Elle Magazine

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