How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom


If you are wondering how to create a spa-like bathroom in just a few simple steps, you’ve come to the right place! The bathroom of your dreams can easily be achieved by taking cues from the sophistication and timeless appeal of luxury spas and saunas. Creating a home spa is the perfect way to provide a tranquil retreat that promotes good health and well-being while reducing stress.

Not every home has a large master bath, but luxury can come in small packages too. A solid foundation of beautiful materials sets the tone when combined with a soothing color scheme. The finishing touches are what pulls it all together so be sure to engage all of your senses by adding scented soaps, bath bombs, sponges and pretty baskets. It’s about finding the perfect balance between materials.

A bathroom spa makeover doesn’t need to be a huge undertaking, shouldn’t require too much time and a few simple updates can go a long way. When you think of a spa, the image that comes to mind is decadent, fluffy oversized towels, soft candlelight, subtle fragrance and absolute relaxation. Everything works together to create a soothing and harmonious environment that delights the senses while calming and rejuvenating mind and body.

From design details that include natural elements such as wood, stone, and water to the little things that make such a difference – a scattering of rose petals, natural and organic decor and the sound of soft music playing in the background. Trays and baskets are filled to the brim with luxurious items meant to pamper.

Zen Bathroom Ideas | How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom
Home Bathroom Spa Ideas
How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

Ready to start your very own spa experience? Here are a few steps to help you get started. Incorporate a couple of these design ideas into your bathroom space, and you’ll have your own soothing retreat in no time.

15 Ways to Create a Resort-Style Bathroom

  1. Remove Clutter: How to organize a bathroom.
  2. Mix in Nature: What plants grow best in a bathroom and how to care for them.
  3. Use Calming Colors: What color scheme works best in a spa-like bathroom.
  4. Get Creative With Storage: How to organize storage in a bathroom
  5. Surround Yourself With Softness: How to create a cozy oasis with textural elements.
  6. Think of Your Plumbing Fixtures as Jewelry: The importance of plumbing fixtures.
  7. Upgrade Your Shower Head: The perfect shower head for a spa bathroom.
  8. Add a Wood Bathtub Tray: How to create a spa-like bathroom with a bathtub tray. 
  9. Lay Down a Cedar or Teak Bath Mat: Add spa-like sophistication with cedar and teak.
  10. Add Calming Scents: Using scents to create a calming environment.
  11. Prepare for Pampering: The importance of treating yourself to soothing indulgences.
  12. Display Art: The importance of art in the bathroom.
  13. Don’t Forget About the Countertop: Artfully display luxury items.
  14. Lighting & Dimmer Switches: How to create a spa-like bathroom with lighting.
  15. Provide Seating: The small details that make all the difference.

How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom: Design Ideas

1. Remove Clutter

The first step in creating a spa-like bathroom is too remove clutter to present a clean, organized and efficient space. Be sure to keep bathroom essentials on hand, but tuck everything neatly away in designated storage areas. Kate Berger and Ann Lightfoot of NYC organizing company, Done & Done suggest “when organizing the bathroom, the easiest way is to spread a towel on the floor and then empty the contents of the medicine cabinet and drawers onto the towel,” says Berger. “Group like with like so you can see how many lipsticks you really have and then decided which ones to keep and which ones to toss. Repeat this process with all groups: cosmetics, shampoo, cough and cold remedies, and pain relievers. While everything is out of the cabinets and drawers, wipe them clean.” Storage trays work well to keep everything separated neatly. There is also a wide variety of bathroom storage solutions available, such as heat-resistant containers for hair styling devices, makeup organizers, tiered trays for under the sink storage and stackable wicker baskets.

How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Home Spa

2. Mix in Nature

Lush greenery helps to create a healthy environment, while also add to creating a tranquil setting. Bathrooms tend to have lower light, high humidity, and warmer temperatures than other rooms in the house, and so it’s important to find houseplants that will flourish in this environment.

Displaying potted plants on counters, ledges and on the floor, as well as hanging plants from the ceiling brings in color, personality, and energy. Try filling a vase with fresh flowers, or incorporate vines that trail down from shelves.

According to Natural Living Ideas, the 16 best plants that will thrive in your bathroom are as follows:

  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera is not only a striking plant but is also useful for healing. Aloe Vera plants should be placed in close proximity to a window.
  • Bamboo
    Bamboo requires very little light to grow and should be placed in indirect sunlight. It looks serene and beautiful when the stalks are placed into an organic container filled with pebbles and water. It’s important to note that Bamboo is a fast-growing plant and needs regular shaping.
  • Begonia
    Begonia’s do well in the bathroom but do best under fluorescent lighting or window locations.
  • Boston Fern
    Boston Fern is a popular choice in the bathroom and grows best when placed on a windowsill, or in areas that receive a lot of indirect sunlight.
  • Cast Iron Plant
    Keep this plant in low to moderate light, avoiding direct sunlight. The Cast Iron Plant is incredibly hardy and can survive in low light and infrequent watering.
  • Chinese Evergreen
    This Chinese Evergreen thrives in medium to low light or indirect sunlight. It handles the humid conditions of a bathroom and is one of the most durable plants you can grow.
  • Dieffenbachia
    Dieffenbachia is the perfect choice for larger bathrooms. They require little effort to maintain and do well in humid conditions. They prefer to be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Dracaena
    Dracaena plants prefer light shade and humidity and work well as air purifiers.
  • Ivy
    Ivy requires moderate exposure to sunlight and can be placed on a ledge or in hanging baskets. It’s also one of NASA’s top air purifying plants.
  • Orchid
    If you are looking to create a spa-inspired bathroom, orchids are a perfect choice. They are sophisticated, elegant and symbolize luxury. Be sure to keep your orchid out of direct sunlight.
  • Peace Lily
    The peace lily is a gorgeous plant with striking white blooms and glossy leaves. It should be exposed to some indirect sunlight, but typically survives in low light conditions. It should be placed as close as possible to the shower or bathtub, so it receives the maximum natural humidity it requires to survive.
  • Philodendron
    The Philodendron is very hardy and requires very little care. They thrive in medium lighting.
  • Pothos
    Pothos do well in greenhouse conditions and do best in with bright, indirect light and high humidity.
  • Snake Plant
    The Snake Plant is one of the hardiest houseplants and can survive in low levels of light. As a bonus, it also has the ability to filter out toxins from the bathroom air.
  • Spider Plant
    The spider plant works well in bathrooms in both full sun or shade, and also helps to remove odors from the air.
  • ZZ Plant
    The ZZ Plant adds vibrancy to the bathroom, with its glossy leaves. It should be prevented from getting too much shade or direct sunlight.

3. How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom Using Calming Colors

It’s important to set the tone for your home-spa by choosing soothing colors. Neutral colors such as white, beige or soft greys and browns work well in defining a space to relax. Subtle color can be brought in with plants, artwork, and decorative accents. If you want a more feminine or romantic feel to your bathroom, considering bringing in pale shades of pink into the decor in the form of vases, florals or artwork.

Bathroom Color Schemes
Bathroom Paint Ideas
Bathroom Paint Colors

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4. Get Creative With Storage Especially with Small Bathrooms

Have you ever been in a spa and noticed how everything a guest may need is organized? From toiletries to towels, spas have a way of laying everything out so it looks decadent. A large silver tray becomes an elegant solution to display lotions, perfume, and other toiletries. Lovely glass jars are the perfect way to store cotton balls, cue tips, and sponges. Wicker baskets placed on counters or on the floor provide an extra storage place for hand towels. Tiered trays on a vanity counter add elegance and provide an area for holding hand soap and lotions.

Storage ladders are also a great option and provide the opportunity to store items at different levels in a visually appealing way. Also consider custom shelving units, floating glass shelving, mirrors with storage compartments, corner storage cabinets and over the toilet storage.

Spa Bathroom Ideas
Bathroom Storage Ideas
How to Create a Spa Bathroom

5. Surround Yourself in Softness

From sumptuous towels to luxurious bath mats, cozy robes and fluffy slippers – the bathroom is the place to bring in soft and nurturing textures. They are also key to creating a spa-like feel in your bathroom. Nothing says spa quite like a fresh stack of plush towels placed over a towel bar, rolled in baskets or stacked neatly on a shelf. If you want to take your home spa to the next level, consider adding a towel warmer so you can enjoy the soothing warmth of heated towels at home.

Pottery Barn says that the “rule of thumb is to build a towel wardrobe where each person in the household has two to three sets of towels.” That can take up a lot of space in a home. “Luckily, there are creative ideas to help store your bath towels, from pretty crates to practical rolling carts. You can also purchase your towels individually to build collections with different designs you love.” From luxurious long-staple Turkish and Egyptian cotton to Pima cotton and quick-absorbent microfiber, there is a wide variety to choose from.

A good towel is one of life’s little luxuries. For a spa-like bathroom, towels should be lofty, absorbent and quick to dry.

6. Think of Your Plumbing Fixtures as Jewelry

The shower, tub, toilet, and sink are the main event in the bathroom, and carefully chosen, go a long way in creating a spa-like bathroom.

7. Upgrade Your Shower Head.

The shower is the heart of the room and should be made as decadent as possible. Provide an extravagant and spa-like experience by adding a rainfall showerhead. A steam shower also adds instant luxury while nourishing the skin and leaving it with a healthy glow.

8. Add a Wood Bathtub Tray

A bathtub tray adds instant luxury and provides the perfect place for a glass of wine, a soothing tea, as well as a book, loofah and bath accessories.

Wood Bathtub Tray

9. Lay Down a Cedar or Teak Bath Mat

A simple cedar bath mat effortlessly creates a spa-like feel to your bathroom. It’s an elegant and modern solution that instantly creates the feeling of spending a day at the spa. Cedar is a perfect choice because it’s an affordable water-resistant wood. Teak is also a great choice if your budget allows for it.

Teak Bath Mat

10. Add Calming Scents

The spa experience always begins with the aroma when you first walk in that instantly soothes and relaxes you. To complete the spa ambiance in your own bathroom, consider using scents to replicate the aromatherapy found in these top spas. It’s the perfect element to transition you from everyday life and embrace tranquility and a relaxing of the senses. Whether it’s fresh mint, eucalyptus or a hint of lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, tea tree, neroli, rose petals or vanilla, a little goes a long way.

With the simple addition of scented soaps and candles, fragrant lotions, essential oils, diffusers, and potpourri, you can turn your bathroom into a calming oasis.

11. Prepare for Pampering

Treat yourself to your favorite spa indulgences such as body scrubs, bath salts, and sheet masks and display them on open shelves or in beautiful glass jars on the counter. Many brands are creating gorgeous packaging for their products that look elegant running along the edge of the bath.

Bathroom Basket Storage
Apothecary Decor for the Bathroom

12. How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom With Art

A well-curated gallery wall or large piece of artwork can instantly transform a bathroom to new heights, as well as tie the whole room together.

13. Don’t Forget About the Countertop

Select stylish accessories that complement the overall design of the bathroom. If you are low on space, even a small floral arrangement can make all the difference.

Resort Inspired Bathroom | How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom
Spa Inspired Bathrooms | How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom

14. Lighting & Dimmer Switches

To create a truly luxurious bathroom, the effective use of chandeliers, decorative wall sconces, and recessed lighting can go a long way in creating drama and sophistication. The trick to properly lighting a bathroom while creating a luxurious feel, says designer Scott Arthur Yerkey, is to use multiple layers. Think about installing dimmer switches as they are a lovely addition to any bathroom as they can provide the same effect as soft candlelight.

15. Provide Seating

If you have the room, additional seating such as a small stool or small comfy chair adds an upscale look. It’s also useful for applying lotion or relaxing after your bath.


I hope you have found these tips on how to create a spa-like bathroom helpful. Have fun creating your own resort-style bathroom!
by the Editor & Interior Designer for Buyer Select: Tracy Svendsen



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