• Modern Rustic Design

Modern Rustic Design

How to Create a Modern Rustic Style Home


If you read up on decorating trends or you follow the home décor shows on television today, one term you are sure to hear time and time again is “modern rustic.” The term is more than a buzzword, it describes a certain look and one you can achieve in your home. Do you know what this trend involves? If you do, do you have any idea how you can easily embrace the trend and add elements to your home? We’ve done the research for you and have gathered some information that will make it a breeze to achieve this modern rustic look you love for your home.

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Feature Image Courtesy Of: Luxe Interiors + Design

Tiffany Farha Design

Image courtesy of: Tiffany Farha Design
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Rustic Modern Design

Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Rustic Modern Design

Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Rustic Modern Design

Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Mountain Style Neutral Kitchen

A mix of painted wood cabinets and a hand-hammered hood, lend to the rustic country style of this kitchen.
Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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The Basics of Modern Rustic Design

So—what is Modern Rustic anyway? Think contemporary style with a touch of traditional lifestyle. When achieving the look, nature is always important. The Modern Rustic design came to be because people love to embrace the slowed down pace of country living, yet they aren’t quite ready to let go of all of the modern styles they know and love. Combining the best of both worlds achieves this popular design scheme. When it is done correctly, a house with Modern Rustic design is an appealing, tranquil place that always feels like home.

Neutral Mountain Living Room with Walnut Built-Ins

For the living room, designer Kari Foster selected a Berman Rosetti sofa from John Brooks and a chair and ottoman by Hempt’s Furniture, all in muted tones to complement the natural surroundings. The walnut built-ins are by Woden Woods, and the Ashley Collins painting is from Forré & Co. Fine Art Gallery.
Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Warm Rustic Modern House

New York-based designer, Markham Roerts grouped warm-hued-wood furniture and natural textiles to reinforce the sense of cozy shelter within the panoramic living room. Custom sofas in Holly Hunt’s Thick as Thieves velvet anchor two seating areas atop the Moroccan rug.
Image courtesy of: House Beautiful
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Rustic Mountain House

Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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The Keys to Modern Rustic Design

The most important elements of this type of design are simple. You want to start with an open floor plan, if possible. The open concept has been hot for many years, so this is usually not a problem. Even in a boxier home, making small changes to improve the open feel can make a big difference. Removing a wall or taking down furniture that blocks the flow of traffic from one room to the next can be the first big step towards achieving your goal of a Modern Rustic home. The other keys are simplicity in design and the addition of rustic elements.

Rustic Modern Dining Room

Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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What Does the Modern Rustic Aesthetic Include?

Your color scheme does not have to include anything too complicated. Usually, it will begin with a neutral base color with monochrome decor. Then, you want to do anything possible to bring the outdoors in. Open those windows and let the natural light shine! Exposed natural elements are always a nice choice too. Granite countertops, wood floors, and other decorative favorites are immediately at home in a modern rustic house.

Finally, the furniture is usually where the modern touches come into play. Simple, clean lines and function over the bells and whistles are always at home in a modern rustic home. Think informal, yet elegant, and your style will come together!

A Rustic Hudson Valley Country Barn with Stacked Stone Exterior

The barn space is very much a great room which serves as a living area, dining area and kitchen. Light enters via clerestory windows along the roofline, as well as through an enormous wall of windows centered along the wall to the right and the glass-enclosed sun room to the left.
Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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How Can You Achieve Modern Rustic Design in Your Home?

While this particular style allows for tons of creativity, there are four simple elements you can turn to if you want to achieve this look for yourself.

• Wood and Forest – Wood tones are a key factor for the modern rustic design scheme. However, not just any wood will do. Think about the forest and let that inspire you. Darker or colorful wood is an excellent choice. As is the use of wood in unexpected ways. Let a nature walk be your guide to bringing in the outdoors, and don’t be afraid to use wood in a new way. One excellent way to bring this into your home is to check out the reclaimed timber products on the market today. Not only will be adding something exciting to your home, but you can also feel good about reusing materials that may have otherwise wound up in the landfill.

• Monochrome Décor – While there is no hard and fast rule saying that black and white (or shades of gray) is a must for your décor; it certainly is an excellent way to achieve the aesthetic. In some decorating schemes, too much monochrome might seem a bit harsh. However, in the modern rustic home it is softened by the more rustic elements that you choose to add.

• Homey Additions – That fur rug, a simple quilt on the back of the couch and candles as functional décor are simple additions that make the area feel homey. These little embellishments are the pieces that you use that will keep the space from feeling too sparse and stark. After all, rustic often means homey—so it does not hurt to warm up your space and give it a feeling of life. Your home should feel lived in, not like something out of a magazine.

• Textures – To bring out the rustic feel of your space, adding elements that have a texture is a simple solution. Think linen curtains, a wool rug, and décor that begs to be touched. When you add texture, you can scale back on the color which makes the modern rustic style pop. Adding these tactile pieces is crucial in areas such as the bedroom, where there will be more opportunities to utilize cloth elements.
Now that you’ve learned a bit more about this trend, it may be time to invest in a few new pieces of furniture or décor. Luckily, by choosing modern rustic, you will likely be able to incorporate items you already know to achieve this simple, attractive look in your home. Since the modern rustic design scheme immediately brings together two contrasting styles, there is certainly no reason why you can’t have the contrast of new and old items too!

Country White Dining Room with Black Walnut Table

The centerpiece of the open kitchen and dining room is the custom black walnut dining table complete with vintage Nakashima captain’s chairs that easily seat a crowd.
Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Modern Rustic Living Room

Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Rustic Bathroom

Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Country Cream Living Room with Antique Ceiling Beams

Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Contemporary Neutral Great Room with Concrete Fireplace

Designer, Salt Lake City- based Anne-Marie Barton, kept the great room’s existing concrete fireplace and put in new oak flooring by Exquisite Surfaces. She hung a Four Hands light fixture above a wood-and-chrome Zentique coffee table and selected comfortable upholstered Verellen seating. The rug is by Vaheed Taheri.


Image courtesy of: Luxe Interiors + Design
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Contemporary Neutral Great Room with Concrete Fireplace

Image courtesy of: House Beautiful
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